The best self-ordering system for system gastronomy: Ordermaxx®

A visit to a restaurant is more than good food. It’s about quality, ambience and service. With our self-ordering system for system gastronomy, your service staff have more time to prepare orders and maintain customer contact. And even more orders can be processed.


of the self-ordering system for system gastronomy

Simple integration

Our PWA is designed to be connected to the inventory management system and the cash register system. No extra work and no additional hardware needed on your side.

Increase mobile revenue

While you streamline your workflows with pre-orders, your online sales will increase due to the user-friendly platform and thus more users.



Availabilities, opening hours and ordering options can be easily configured in our branch management, also separately for each branch.

Progressive Web Apps‘ design example for system caterers

Contact us and get a free demo

As an owner-managed family business with small teams and a high level of expertise, we are happy to answer your questions at short notice. If desired, we will also be happy to provide you with a free demo so that you can test our solution yourself. In general, we are specialised in taking into account even the most individual customer wishes and look forward to your enquiry.

Advantages for your customers


Each user can save his/her favourite products and thus shop more easily and more often
– his/her preferred payment method is also saved

Social Sharing

Customers share products and invite family and friends to try their favourites – so your best customers become your best promotion.

Impress your customers

Whether you display new products or the entire range including allergens and ingredients, your customers will thank you for the extra service. And your service staff save valuable time for explaining.

Brands that already became unique with us:

Want to know more about the best self-ordering system?

We provide the PWA for leading system caterer and are aware of our responsibility to have a fully functional PWA around the clock. That is why we are in control of everything ourselves and do not outsource.

Kiosk systems

Kiosk systems are a wonderful addition to the ordering processes in your restaurant and, as a marketing space, offer a particularly large amount of room for customer acquisition and retention .

Operation is the same as on giant smartphones: intuitive, fast and, if desired, cashless.

May we help you personally?

We provide the PWA for different system caterers and are aware of our responsibility to provide a fully functional PWA around the clock. That is why we have everything in our own hands and do not outsource.