without download of an app

The multi-channel ordering system
for Full Service and Quick Service Restaurants

  • System gastronomy
  • Leisure gastronomy
  • Bowling center
  • Cocktail bars
  • Transport catering
  • Beer gardens

Ordering Channels

getService  offers a customer-oriented, personalized ordering experience on all ordering channels.

In-House Ordering

Table Ordering enables self-ordering directly at the table with your own smartphone. The check-in points in the counter area enable counter ordering with the smartphone. The latest app technology enables ordering and payment without downloading an app and without entering payment methods, even with the first order.

On-the-GO Orderng

Order at any time with your smartphone, whether in-house or on the move. Simply display the restaurants nearby, select your favourite restaurant, fill your shopping basket and order. Thanks to online payment, the pick-up process is accelerated and enables a drive-thru exclusively for mobile orders.

Online Ordering

Place orders directly on your own website. With a widget on your website this becomes possible. Thanks to Single Sign-On, your visitors can order directly in all ordering channels, collect loyalty points and redeem eCoupons without having to re-register. You benefit from cross-channel customer loyalty.

In-House Ordering

Guests can use various self-service touchpoints on the tables and check-in points at the entrance at any time:

  • Show illustrated menu in seconds
  • Receive visual alerts for allergy sufferers in multiple languages
  • Simply order drinks and food yourself
  • Send a message to the waiter in charge
  • Submit your payment request, including the type of payment requested
  • Post a review for the restaurant
  • Pay the order with the smartphone
  • Redeem eCoupons

Digitally mitigate personnel shortages

We have the ingenious solution to support your service team, especially at peak times and in the event of staff shortages. Your guests can order at any time with their smartphone without a waiter and without an app. All orders and waiter call signals are transmitted to your service team in real time. This saves your staff a lot of walking distances and shortens waiting times for your guests. As a result, service becomes more efficient and guests more satisfied.


The combination of QR codes and NFC tags ensures easy and intuitive access to the digital world. The automatic assignment to the table numbers and the recognition of the native language when opening the application also offers international guests the best possible user experience with self-ordering.

Table cubes

Table sticker

Table displays

Check-In Points for
Quick Service Restaurants

Scan & Order: The ideal solution for counter operations

  • avoids queues
  • increases customer satisfaction
  • strengthens customer loyalty
  • increases turnover

In Quick Service restaurants, guests can check in with their smartphone at various types of multifunctional check-in points in the entrance area, collect loyalty points, view the digital menu, receive eCoupons, order and pay for themselves. The check-in points allow several orders to be placed at the same time, thus avoiding queues. Counter ordering with the smartphone increases interaction, combines self-ordering with digital customer loyalty and replaces complex and less hygienic kiosk systems. The system can also be easily combined with the Self-Service and Table Ordering concepts. At the same time, Qsignal®’s real-time platform enables targeted display advertising to be displayed in real time.



  • Without downloading an app
Order and pay directly with your smartphone without downloading an app from the app store. The latest payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay enable payments without entering payment methods.
  • Support for the service
All orders and signals are transmitted to the service team in real time. Central stations, individual receivers for each waiter, headsets with voice output, reminder function, lighting effects and the built-in area logic support the service in coordination, especially at peak times.
  • Order & Pay
Benefit from the highest user-friendliness through the latest payment methods from Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Your guests can pay easily and quickly, without entering payment details, even with the first order.
  • Group orders
Group orders improve coordination in the kitchen and reduce waiting times. Guests can conveniently order and reorder as a group with multiple smartphones simultaneously.
  • Customer-friendly ordering process
Multilingual menus with pictures and the customer-friendly presentation of your complete offer, including the possibility of selecting variants, matching extras, options and menu compilations leaves nothing to be desired.
  • Happy Hour​
The Qsignal platform automatically generates in-app promotions on the smartphones of your guests with the adjusted prices in real time.

On-the-Go Ordering

The fastest access to the digital world is your own smartphone. Users can use the appropriate app from anywhere:

  • Find restaurants nearby
  • Order and pay directly
  • Find out opening hours, offers and announcements
  • Retrieve and view eCoupons
  • Receive push notifications for pickup
  • Display order history and invoices

Drive-Thru of the future

A separate lane exclusively for the pick up of mobile orders in the drive-thru of the future has the following advantages:

  • Fast Pick Up for Mobile Orders
  • Shorter waiting times
  • More customers per day
  • Individual customer loyalty
  • Satisfied guests and stronger customer loyalty

Online Ordering

Allow visitors to your website to order directly online. You benefit from single sign-on, a customer-friendly ordering process and digital customer loyalty programs.

  • Order and pay for drinks and food online with just one click
  • Targeted promotions with eCoupons
  • SMS notifications for pick-up
  • Display order history and invoices