Your advantages with our Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) present your website or a fully customised self-ordering system for your business to the customer in seconds – one of many advantages of Progressive Web Apps. In doing so, the PWA combines the advantages of web shops with those of a native app.


A new level of customer experience


40% of all costumer leave your page if it’s not completely loaded within 3 seconds. That’s why it is important to reduce the size of data sent. PWAs do this by compressing the data and storing part of it on the costumer’s phone – so it can be used even faster. In addition, PWAs are up to 99% smaller than traditional apps with the same content. That’s great for your costumers and your business.

All in all, you benefit from increased customer loyalty and create new freedom for your core business.


We connect your PWA through interfaces to existing systems, such as the merchandise management system and your cash register system. This way your customer always sees the current products in the PWA and you don’t have to pay attention to anything extra. Separate updates are not necessary for PWAs and are carried out automatically by us in the background.

PWA solutions from Qsignal for system catering, chain bakeries and ship chandlers can be provided within a short time. In addition, the modular structure of our PWAs allows us to implement any customer request efficiently and without further ado at low cost.

Below are a few of the results achieved so far through the use of PWAs.


Average Increase in Customer Retention Rate


Additional Mobile Revenue on Average


Faster Page Load Time on Average

Competitive advantages for every project

Our colleagues from TigrenPWA summarised the advantages of Progressive Web Apps in a video:

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