Digital customer loyalty

Switch on the SALES-TURBO


Use attractive advertising coupons for effective advertising campaigns

Loyalty Services

Get to know your customers better and reward their loyalty

Multi-Channel Marketing​

Extend your reach and maintain your brand


Connect the fascination of playing with your brand


Our platform offers you the possibility to create targeted campaigns without great effort. Illustrated eCoupons not only boost your turnover, but also the loyalty to your brand. Individual rules allow you to segment and control your campaigns according to your needs. The eCoupons created in this way are made available directly in the app.

  • Advertising coupons
Advertising coupons with attractive pictures of your products and specials draw attention to your brand.
  • Discounts
Through targeted discount campaigns, such as „Every Tuesday tortillas at half price“ or „On your next visit you will receive 10% discount on each dish of the day“ you create effective incentives to buy.
  • Happy Hour
Time-limited actions such as „Happy Hour“ are automatically activated or deactivated by the platform according to the set time periods. In-App promotions and price adjustments take place in real time.
  • Product Bundles
With product bundles such as „The Flavour Menu Garlic Parmesan with 2 Dips“ or „A Burger XL with a free drink of your choice“ you can create complex campaigns.

Loyalty Services

Our platform offers a powerful tool for acquiring new customers, increasing the return rate and retention time of customers and sustainably strengthening the loyalty of your customers to your brand with cross-branch and cross-channel loyalty services. The platform’s ability to deliver your campaigns simultaneously across all ordering channels further increases the reach of your loyalty programs.

Loyalty Points

Your customers collect loyalty points with every order via the platform. In addition, they can collect points within games and at check-in points.

Digital time cards

With the getService app, guests have their digital time card with them practically at all times. This can be used in all ordering channels simultaneously.

Targeted offers

Use individual customer data to send tailor-made offers to your customers.

Check-In Discounts

Reward the current visit of your guests e.g. with an immediate discount at the check-in point.

Customer Re-engagement

Win back inactive customers with automatic offers.


Gamification connects the fascination of playing with your brand. According to the „play and save“ principle, every success in a game is rewarded with loyalty points. When playing, real emotions are aroused, which is why Gamification is particularly well suited for customer retention of younger people. The fun factor is additionally increased by group games.


Multi-Channel Marketing

The Qsignal® platform simplifies multi-channel marketing by centrally controlling various communication channels (smartphone, website, social media). It offers you the possibility to keep your customers up to date and to arouse their interest for new products or promotions. Use Multi-Channel Marketing to maximize your marketing reach, for efficient customer acquisition, to reactivate customers, to improve customer loyalty and to maintain your brand.