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Qsignal® offers the ideal platform for digitisation in the catering industry through the targeted use of the latest technologies. Benefit from a scalable real-time system with maximum flexibility and user-friendliness. Our state-of-the-art solutions can be used anywhere, either completely self-sufficient (standalone) or with comprehensive integration into your existing POS system.

without downloading an app

Thanks to the latest app technology, ordering and paying is easier than ever before. The Qsignal® platform allows the combination of different ordering-channels.

for mobile phones

The innovative Scan & Order solution for Quick Service Restaurants. The multifunctional check-in points replace complex order kiosks and offer stronger customer loyalty.

Improved customer loyalty through eCoupons, targeted loyalty services, multi-channel marketing, display advertising and gamification.

Realize digital conversion with Qsignal®

Your partner for comprehensive solutions in all gastronomy segments

Branch and franchise companies

A new ordering experience in your corporate identity across all ordering channels, from in-house ordering to online ordering on your website to the drive-thru of the future. Modern online payment, eCoupons and check-in points with single sign-on enable cross-branch and cross-channel customer loyalty, even with a personalised approach.

Full-Service restaurants

Via NFC touchpoints and QR codes at the tables, guests can order themselves, including the selection of the respective variants and extras. Voice output with reminder function, area logic, lighting effects, individual receivers and POS-integration support the service in real time. Guest feedback can be evaluated in the Qsignal® evaluation system.

Quick Service Restaurants

Innovative check-in points allow many orders to be placed at the same time. Counter ordering with a smartphone is the fastest way of self-ordering without downloading an app and avoids queues. The use of the latest online payment technology enables immediate payments without entering any data.

Leisure gastronomy

Qsignal® enables tailor-made solutions for leisure gastronomy such as bowling centres, amusement parks and cocktail bars. The self-ordering experience is complemented by individual signals, group orders, gamification and happy hours including in-app promotions. The real-time transmission of all signals takes communication between guests and the service team to a new digital dimension.


Hotel guests can also be provided digitally with all relevant information and services after check-in with their smartphone. The smartphone offers your guests the digital comfort to access individually suitable offers in all areas of your hotel (e.g. special offers for VIP guests), whether in the restaurant, in the lobby, at the bar, in the room, at the pool or in other areas.
"Those who go to the future today don't have to chase it tomorrow."
Dieter Schneider
CEO Qsignal

Qsignal® Services for your succsess

100% Corporate Identity

Present your brand 100% in your corporate identity with your own app with individual UI/UX. Benefit from PWA, the latest app technology.


Check-In for Smartphones

Guests can conveniently check in with their smartphone, order and pay directly, collect points and receive instant discounts. This makes complex and less user-friendly kiosk systems superfluous. Read more

POS integration

Our algorithm allows full synchronization of the digital menu, including all extras, options, allergens and additives, etc. All signals are reliably transmitted to the connected devices, even in the event of a temporary Internet connection failure.

Individual solutions

The Qsignal® platform offers all possibilities for the realization of individual requirements. Thanks to in-house development, we have full control over all layers of the software architecture. We are flexible in the integration of third-party systems, including REST APIs and Webhooks.

Digital menu

Multilingual menus, warnings for allergy sufferers, targeted animations and the customer-friendly display of complex menu combinations offer a high degree of usability.

Real-time connector

With the Qsignal® Real-Time Connector you can make your offline POS systems online ready and digitally future-proof.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

The basis for successful digitisation in gastronomy is the choice of a suitable technology partner. Thanks to years of experience in large-scale projects and the targeted use of the latest technologies in the front and back end, we offer consistent state-of-the-art solutions that are scalable, flexible and future-proof.

Custom Branding

100% Corporate Identity (UI/UX)

Your individual app with your corporate identity (UI/UX). The individual integration of our services into the existing infrastructure offers you maximum design freedom.

Check-In Points

For mobile phones

Guests can use their smartphone to conveniently check in at various check-in points, collect points, receive instant discounts and place orders.

Realtime Reactive Platform

IT for highest demands

The scalable real-time system enables delay-free transmission of signals between smartphones, tablets, POS and other connected systems. The ideal platform for demanding solutions.


Latest generation authentication

The platform offers easy login e.g. via Facebook and Amazon. SSO in combination with an electronic customer card enables cross-brand and cross-branch customer loyalty.

Google Pay & Apple PAy

Highest usability

The latest payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay enable fast and secure payment, without the need to enter payment methods, even with the first order.

Progressive Web Apps

Latest app technology, without downloading an app

Cross-platform, web-based apps with high usability, more interaction, automatic updates, fast update cycles and much more.

Push Notifications

Native and In-App

Deliver personalized messages reliably, including take-away orders, proximity marketing, customer re-engagement and mobile marketing.


Intuitive access to the digital world

Omnipresent since the deployment of NFC Payment in Germany. Whether "Passive NFC" or HCE, our solutions are fully supported by Android and iPhones of the current generation, even without native app.

Cloud Computing

Scalable architecture

Clustering, Load Balancing, Monitoring, Buffering, Caching, Persistence, Security, Non-blocking IO, Multithreading, Horizontal Scaling, Vertical Scaling, a.s.o.

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