Why become a partner of Qsignal®?

  • Because you want to have the future in your portfolio today
  • Because you are interested in a partner who works flexibly and efficiently
  • Because you want to have software that is consistently developed state-of-the-art.
  • Because you want to tap new sales potential
  • Because you want to expand and modernize your range of services

Advantages of cooperation

Whether we work with our technology partners to develop integrated solutions to meet specific challenges, provide our service partners with our tools, or provide our sales partners with a variety of sales tools, in all cases the cooperation creates real added value for you and your customers.
  • Restaurant chains

Together with you we develop tailor-made solutions for the integration of your guests into the online ordering and payment process, for digital customer loyalty and for the integration of your existing systems.


According to the Lünendonk Study 2017, an impressive 86% of companies rely on external expertise and seek advice and support from system houses or comparable IT service providers.

When it comes to digitisation, you should put us on the short list as a cooperation partner. In addition to attractive conditions, we offer you various sales aids, including personalized flyers.

What we offer you: Creation of branded web apps, 100 % Corporate Identity, i.e. you can customize our products completely in the way you need it, etc.

If you are interested in topics such as digital coupons and loyalty points, in-app promotions, etc., then you should consider us as your potential partner and external specialist.
Increase beverage sales and advertise directly at the point of sale. Rethink sponsoring and become our partner.

POS system manufacturer

What do we offer you as our partner?

  • Connection of our Mobile Self-Ordering App getService to your POS, whereby we can be both API producer and consumer.
  • Connection to our multichannel promotion platform for the implementation of loyalty programmes and for the independent planning, execution and evaluation of advertising campaigns.
  • Individual projects with industry-specific requirements can be realized efficiently and flexibly with us.
  • Individual partner agreement
What advantages do you have as our partner?
  • You arrive at the desired result quickly and effectively
  • You don't have to tie up your own IT resources for it
  • You gain a competitive advantage because you can offer more than your competitors.
  • Your innovative strength becomes more visible and can be experienced by your customers.

Partner request

Lünendonk - Study 2017

Excerpt from the study: Business Innovation & Transformation

The Lünendonk study has shown that 51 of the 121 companies surveyed already own and pursue their own digital strategy. Very few of them – just 14% – develop the necessary technologies and concepts in-house. Instead, an impressive 86% rely on external expertise and seek advice and support from system houses or comparable IT service providers.