Serve your customers worldwide.

We know that your customers and the ship crews you serve are as diverse as the goods they transport. That’s why we’ve developed a PWA that’s as flexible to use – anywhere and on any device. 


Offline capable

As crews do not always have an internet connection, our PWA can also be used without one.

Cost-efficient in real time

Through integrative order planning, order costs for different ports can be calculated and displayed in real time.


Multi-user capable

The different departments of a ship can change and place orders at the same time.

Get In touch & We will Contact You Shortly

As an owner-managed family business with small teams and a high level of expertise, we are happy to answer your questions at short notice. We are specialised in taking into account even the most individual customer wishes and look forward to your enquiry.

Want to know more about us?

We provide the PWA for leading ship chandlers and are aware of our responsibility to have a fully functional PWA around the clock. That is why we are in control of everything ourselves and do not outsource.